moon Each fragrance tells
a story, Caigo talks
about an emotion,
a memory, a suggestion...
parfum fog fog fog fog fog fog


Caigo's products are all about wood, flowers and musk.

caigo's essence

“The name “Caigo” it’s a Venetian term, it comes from “CA ME LIGO”, an expression used by Venetian boatman for anchoring to something when thick fog prevent navigation in the lagoon. Fog has always fascinated me, when I walk through the silent streets of Venice I feel enveloped in a veil of mistery and dark shadows.
I would like to reach real quickly Piazza San Marco but my ride gets slowed each time by a mix of perfumes that excite me. I immediatly recognize some rose essence, oud, flowers, patchouli, lemon, mint, cinnamon, vanilla, sandalwood and all of my childhood memories come back to my mind and now I can easily remember when my sisters and I used to create mixtures and magic potions with flowers and leaves collected in the meadows of our home.
It will be definitely an emotion that will excite you too.

Cristina Guiotto

Ebano e forza


Ciliegio e passione


Bois de rose e grazia


Palissandro e nobiltà


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